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Caitlin King is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who uses her experience with treatment-resistant depression to empathize through music.


She has spent 16 of her 20 years playing piano, with 13 years dedicated to classical music. Musically she is inspired by Joni Mitchell, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, and Jeff Buckley. 


Aside from music, Caitlin's adolescence was spent searching for help and justifying the validity of her distress to the gatekeepers between her and the treatment she desperately needed. She quickly became disheartened from being dismissed for negligent and irrational reasons.


 Caitlin had written music for fun throughout her childhood, but songwriting began to take on a new meaning. She discovered that adults were more inclined to take her seriously if her message was presented through music.


Fortunately, Caitlin received the help she needed after seven years of seeking treatment. 


Caitlin was motivated by the experiences described above to be meticulous with her choice of words. She strives to deliberately craft music to each line. She hopes to empower listeners to take ownership of their lives by providing them with proof that change is possible and that they are not alone. 

Thank you for listening to my ted talk <3


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