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Caitlin King

From Dallas, TX, located in Austin, TX​

Genres: Indie rock/folk, singer-songwriter

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Facebook: caitlinkingmusician

Youtube: @caitlinkingmusic


Phone: 214-794-3212


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Short Bio

Caitlin King is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist in Austin, TX.


Her music combines her background in classical piano, blues, and jazz, with her influences and the bands she grew up overhearing at her Dad's studio.


Caitlin's favorite artists are Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Nina Simone, and Joni Mitchell. 

More Info + History
Classical piano, RSIs, and a three-year break

Caitlin studied classical piano for 13 years and loves music theory. However, after four years of back-to-back repetitive strain injuries, playing piano meant immediate pain and swelling for days after. 

After realizing the severity of the damage, Caitlin paused her music career to address the situation.


From 2019 to 2022, she did physical therapy and made radical health/lifestyle changes. Caitlin is deeply grateful for the learning experience, the healthy habits she's picked up, and the many people who assisted her along the way.  ​ 

Growing up in Oak Cliff

She was born and raised in Oak Cliff: the same Dallas neighborhood as Stevie Ray Vaughn. Caitlin would sit in at regular blues jams with local musicians, including Jimmy Vaughn. 

She also spent lots of time with her Dad, Jim King, who converted his old house into a recording studio where he engineers, mixes, and masters music. Jim King recorded Dallas bands such as the House Harkonnen and the Orange. Caitlin credits her Dad for her love of recording music and listening to metal and classic rock.  ​

Mental health and songwriting

Aside from music, Caitlin spent her adolescence battling (and distracting herself from) depression. Unfortunately, seeking treatment for depression as a minor requires convincing another person- a parent, counselor, or medical professional- that the minor needs help.

Caitlin had written music for fun throughout her childhood, but songwriting began to take on a new meaning. She discovered that adults were more inclined to take her seriously if her message was presented through music and less likely to cut her off in a performance setting.

Fortunately, Caitlin received the help she needed after seven years of seeking treatment. 

Caitlin is motivated by the experiences described above to be meticulous with her choice of words. She strives to craft music that supports each line. She hopes to empower listeners to take ownership of their lives by proving that change is possible and is worth the uncertainty and hard work. 

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